Magho, Lough Erne

by | 5 Jul 2019 | Fermanagh

May 2013

Beautiful Lough Erne, stretching right through Fermanagh, must be one of the nicest lakes in the whole country. This is a very well maintained facility used by fishers, boatmen and women and, we hope, swimmers.

We drove along the southern side of the lake and there are a number of places, with jetties, to stop along the way. Obviously, they are designed for boats but they also make for handy places to swim.

We stopped at Magho which, if you are coming from Enniskillen, is probably the last jetty on the rignt hand side before you come to Belleek. The well maintained jetty stretches out into the water and a ladder at the end provides a good entry point. The water was dark, fresh and calm and we had a lovely swim. As for all lakes you need to be careful, watch for underwater rocks and no jumping or diving.

From the car park there is a forest path down to the jetty which is buggy accessible and you might manage a wheelchair with difficulty.

A number of similar jetties feature along this side of the lake so you could easily have a few swims along the way.

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From Enniskillen take the A46 toward Belleek. Magho is toward the end of the lake on the right hand side and is signposted.

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