Lough Inahagh, Glenveagh National Park

by | 5 Jul 2019 | Donegal

July 2008

Glenveagh National Park is a fabulous natural resource, taking in some of the finest landscape in Donegal.

The park encompasses lakes, mountains and walking trails.

Lough Inahagh is on one of the trails, which if you go the full distance will take you to Lough Gartan and Glebe Gallery

From the Visitor Centre, which includes an attractive restaurant, you walk along the main road which takes you by the large and tranquil waters of Lough Veagh. After a couple of kilometres you branch off left and follow the track signposted for Gartan. After a short climb you will come to the brow of a hill where you can look down on the dark and calm waters of Inahagh.

A scramble down the slope leads you to the lake and the boathouse area is a good place to get in for your swim. Like most lakes the water is dark but refreshing. This is lovely place to relax and you are unlikely to be disturbed by anything except the lapping water and soft winds (that’s on a good day, of course!).

Not accessible.

Remember lakes can be dangerous, so swim carefully


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The park is about 25 kilometres from Letterkenny, but can be approached from many parts of the county. Best to consult your own map. Part covered by Ordnance Survey Discovery Series Map No. 2

Route maps of the Park are available at the visitors centre.

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