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Valentia Island

May 2011

Note: this suggestion comes from a local resident in Valentia. We haven’t visited it ourselves so can’t vouch for it, but it sounds nice. Check it out for yourself

… I suggest that for regular easy but clean and safe swims, Knightstown harbour works very well… see the pictures of the pontoons that swimmers can swim alongside. A harbour might not sound that nice but actually it’s perfect as very light use and VERY scenic as attested by many seasoned open water swimmers such as Ned Denison and Eilish Burns. Ned actually swam around Valentia Island (to and from Knightstown Harbour) in 2008.

For a more private spot, on Valentia Island there is a small beach beneath Glanleam House (which boasts award winning tropical gardens) from where you can swim towards the Lighthouse – another very scenic swim.


Photos by Fitzzz

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Have you been to Valentia? How was your experience? Share some information and pictures with visitors!


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