Belmullet Tidal Pool

by | 5 Jul 2019 | Mayo

August 2014

Outdoor swimming pools are rare enough in Ireland but outdoor tidal pools are rarer still. So, the tidal pool in Belmullet is a rarity that is well worth a visit and a swim.

Located on a coast road outs ide the town this pool is a great local facility. We visited at full tide so we don’t know if the pool naturally fills and empties with the tide. When we were there only the ladders and surrounds were visible and they were certainly man made.

The pool is about 20 metres long with shallow and deep ends. Access is by ladders at either end. We had a lovely swim in the fresh sea water, but as it was early morning we swam alone.

Alongside the main pool there is a smaller pool which looks as if it is made for young children. There is also a lifeguard hut and a sign suggested the guard is on duty in the afternoons. Check locally for details. Alongside the lifeguard hut are 2 portaloos.

This looks like a good place for people young and old to meet with a level concrete area providing space for people to sit and relax. There are steps down from the roadside which is manageable for buggies but not wheelchairs.

All in all a very attractive facility and long may it continue.

Directions. In the town of Belmullet drive straight down the main street until you reach the harbour. Turn right here and drive out this coast road for about 800 metres. Watch out for the lifeguard and the gap in the wall giving access to the pool.

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