Swimming Safely

Each of us has a responsibility to swim safely and that requires each of us to take proper and sensible precautions.

  • Look out for proper points of entry and exit. Check and see if there is a proper way in and a way out.
  • Stay close to shore and swim alongside the shore, don’t swim out. This is especially important in new locations.
  • When you are swimming in a place new to you, be extra careful and don’t swim there alone. In fact don’t swim anywhere alone.
  • Watch out for currents and tides which can change quickly and can easily sweep you away or out of your depth.
  • You often can’t see fully into the sea, river or lake so watch out for underwater objects.
  • Do not jump or dive into places you don’t know.
  • Wind and rain can create waves and water movement, so you need to be extra careful in bad weather.
  • If you are in doubt then leave it out. Don’t swim anywhere where you are unsure or uncomfortable. It’s not worth the risk.

To learn about swimming safely or get help, check out these websites.

Royal Life Saving Society

The Royal Life Saving Society (IReland) offers great water safety advice and recommendations which you can find here.

Summer Water Safety (screenshot of the RLSS website)


www.beachawards.ie ~ For Blue Flag information

www.beaches.ie ~ Bathing water quality information

www.iws.ie ~ An excellent listing of outdoor swimming locations and safety information

www.goireland.com ~ Information on where to stay

www.upthedeise.com ~ Information on Waterford beaches www.irlgov.ie ~ For a list of our local authorities  

In Britain:



Water Safety Ireland

Water Safety Ireland provides essential education about water safety.

Emergency Services

The only number you need across all Europe for emergencies.

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