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As days get hotter, rethink splashing out on kids’ paddling pool, water chiefs urge – Independent.ie

by | 16 Jul 2022 | News

With temperatures forecast to hit 28C this weekend – and shooting up to 32C next week – Irish Water is asking families to cut water usage in paddling pools.

he mercury is set to rise to 28C tomorrow, and by Monday and Tuesday the nation could be basking in temperatures of 30C to 32C or even higher.

There is even a possibility of beating Ireland’s highest temperature of 33C, recorded at Kilkenny Castle in June 1887.

The water utility has already asked the public to be “mindful” of water usage.

Met Éireann issued a yellow weather warning for ‘exceptionally warm weather’

“Remember that paddling pools and swimming pools can use huge volumes of water, so try to minimise the amount of water used and consider reusing the water for the garden or cleaning the car,” a spokesperson for Irish Water said.

The public have also been urged to “keep the garden hose in the shed” and “avoid power washing”.

Householders are being asked to check for leaks from outdoor taps and to report them to Irish Water.

Already some rural areas have seen their water dwind-ling, particularly in the south and midlands, according to the agency.

Irish Water said popular holiday resorts in Ireland are “likely” to see water supplies “under pressure” due to the hotter temperatures.

Tom Cuddy, Irish Water’s head of asset operations, said that while everybody was looking forward to the spell of hot, dry weather, it was important that everyone consider their water usage.

“Look at simple yet impactful ways to conserve water,” he said. “Even small changes can make a significant difference.

“By reducing the water used in paddling pools, turning off the hose and avoiding power washing, we can all help ensure there’s enough water for everyone as we go through the summer.”

That advice came as Met Éireann issued a yellow weather warning for “exceptionally warm weather”, running from tomorrow until Tuesday. It said daytime temperatures would reach up to “30C generally and possibly up to 32C on Monday”. Night-time temperatures will remain high at up to 20C.

Meteorologist Aoife Kealy said the midland counties of Longford, Westmeath, Offaly, and Laois were expected to experience the highest temperatures of up to 30C.

Clare, Limerick, Tipperary and parts of Leinster will see some of the warmest temperatures, running into the high 20s.

“For the most part it’s going to be warmest in the midlands, that is where we will see the highest temperatures over the next few days, as well as north Munster and parts of Leinster,” she said.

“The further inland you go, the warmer it will get. The hottest weather is stretching across the central band of the country.

“Particularly on Monday, the midlands and parts of south Leinster, will really see those high temperatures.

“If we are to hit 30C, that would be mainly the midlands and Leinster and kind of north Munster as well, so possibly parts of Clare, Limerick, and Tipperary.”

Ms Kealy said it would be slightly cooler near coastal areas, although still warm with these areas ­benefiting from light breezes. The north and west, although not as warm, will also experience temperatures of around the mid-20s.

Ms Kealy explained that on Tuesday we will see a change beginning in the south of the country.

Counties in Leinster are expected to see the last of the high temperatures and sunshine on Tuesday before the good spell of weather draws to a close.

“Tuesday will be a bit different, there will be some heavy showers coming up from the south on Tuesday, so that will hit around Tuesday evening and those heavy showers could be quite thundery,” she said.

“By Wednesday the temperatures will have fallen back to normal throughout the country.”

The Department of Agriculture has also put in place a condition orange warning to notify the public of a high risk of forest fire due to the heat.

The department said: “We have issued an orange forest fire warning arising from weather patterns and expected level of risk.

“The warning is in place until midday on Wednesday, July 20.”

Agriculture Minister Charlie McConalogue, also asked the public to take particular care of their pets during the hot spell.

He said the public must not leave dogs unattended in vehicles, even if the vehicle is parked in the shade with its ­windows open.

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