Glencar Lough

by | 5 Jul 2019 | Leitrim

May 2013

The weather was awful, the water choppy and getting in for our swim was painful. Still, needs must and we stumbled into the blustery waters of Glencar. After driving for what seemed like ages only a swim would restore us.

We got in down a slip way at the end of the lake as you come from Sligo. We had to manoeuvre across some sharp stones and ease our way into the dark water. Like all lakes you need to move slowly and carefully. No jumping or diving. When we got into it the water was soft and refreshing. As we emerged we were, of course, glad we had made the effort. We don’t know if people swim there in the summer; needless to say, on a wet day in May we swam alone.

We aren’t sure if the lake is in Sligo or Leitrim, a bit of both we think. Anyway , we are giving it to Leitrim as we have far more swimming places in Sligo. Just beyond the lake is the impressive Glencar waterfall which is well worth a visit and that is definitely in Leitrim.

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From Sligo take the N15 toward Donegal. Before Drumcliff watch out for the right turn signposted for the waterfall. Follow the not very good signposting along meandering roads and, hopefully, you will come to the lake on your right. Drive toward the end of the lake and you will come to a small tarmacadam car park with the slip way beside it.

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